Taking A Survey

Taking a Survey

Taking a Survey

If you have problems taking a survey, the first thing we need to know is which survey you were having problems with. If the following answers do not resolve your problem, please send an email to Liz Davis at ldavis@bcbslaresearchpanel.com, and be sure to include the Internet address you received in the invitation email.

Where are the surveys? I looked all through your BCBSLA Research Panel site and still can't find one.

The BCBSLA Research Panel does not post open surveys on our website. Panelists who are invited to complete a survey are sent an email from Liz Davis that contains the web address of the survey they are invited to complete. We use the information from the registration (such as age, gender, geographic location, and more) to match against the criteria for each survey on a case-by-case basis.

How do I get entered into the drawing and notified if I win?

The BCBSLA Research Panel notifies the winner of the drawing by email. There will only be one drawing/winner per month. Please be sure to keep your email and mailing addresses up, go to your My Account page to verify that your personal information is correct. If you move outside of Louisiana, your membership will be cancelled.

When I clicked on the link for the survey, it took me to the BCBSLA Research Panel home page.

The survey URL opens a new window, which will sometimes minimize itself if you have other windows open. Close all other windows and maximize the survey login page by clicking its button on your task bar (the bar where your "start" button sits). Please disable your anti pop-up software before you attempt to take our survey.

I was taking a survey and it won't let me continue on to the next page. It says I still haven't answered one of the questions when I answered them all. What do I do?

First, make sure your answers for each question showed up on the screen. If you were required to click on a small circle, make sure there is a dot in each circle that requires a response. Often, when you click on the circle quickly the dot may appear, but does not stay when you move to the next question.

I clicked on the survey URL and got the message "page not found."

This could be due to a high volume of traffic trying to access our website simultaneously. Please try to access the page again at a later time. If you continue to have difficulty accessing the site, email Liz Davis at ldavis@bcbslaresearchpanel.com.

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